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Friday, June 14, 2024

New Songs

Songs included here are new - not yet published in a book. They may not be in final or completed status - i.e. they may be changed after being placed on this page, so please do not print or use in any way, other than for giving comments back to the composer/lyricist.  Even though these songs have not been published, they are copyrighted, and may not be copied in any way or used for any purpose (other than comments back to the owner). This copyright statement covers each of the enclosed songs - the copyright owner is listed on each song. This is both a legal and a moral requirement / commitment - please abide by these rules.

New Songs:

9/4/03   All Glory, Laud, And Honor (Theodulph of Orleans, c.820; Teschner, 1615, arr RLM) MIDI  PDF
8/11/03  A Nobler Mind (Matt Bassford; Richard Morrison)   MIDI  HTML
9/4/03  Blest Be The Dear, Uniting Love (Wesley, 1742; Hildebrand, 1904, arr RLM)   MIDI   HTML
8/13/03 Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation (Latin Hymn, 7th Century; Smart, arr RLM)   MIDI   HTML
9/4/03  Grace! 'Tis A Charming Sound  (Doddridge, 1740; Clark, 1804, arr RLM)    MIDI   HTML
9/4/03  Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah  (Williams, 1745; Hughes, 1907, arr RLM)   MIDI   HTML
9/4/03  I Love Thee  (Granade, 1805; Ingalls, 1805, arr RLM)   MIDI   HTML
9/4/03  The Kingdom Is Like A Mustard Seed (Bassford; Bishop, arr RLM)  MIDI   HTML
9/4/03  Wayfaring Stranger (Bever, 1858; Tillman, 1891, arr RLM)   MIDI   HTML
5/18/05  Praise The Lord, The Mighty  (Bassford; Morrison)  MIDI
5/18/05  He Makes My Heart Glad  (Sewell, Morrison) MIDI   PDF
5/18/05  My God Is Ever Near Me  (Sewell, Morrison)  MIDI   PDF