Gospel Music School of Texas, Inc.
Wednesday, July 24, 2024

STTL2002 songs by Composer

Don M. Alexander       Favor In His Eyes     In The Presence Of God 
      My Lord, My Friend, My Savior
Gilbert Alexander       How Can I Praise Thee?    Thou Lovest Me Still
Anonymous                  Rejoice In The Lord Always
Cheryl Barksdale         Be Not Afraid     Home At Last
James D. Beard        Jesus, Savior And King   To Hear You Call My Name
W. Sterndale Bennett     Praise To The Lord, The Almighty
Lee Black                 There's A Home
Van Bowers              We're Going Home
Dee Bowman            He'll Go With Me
Gary L. Box              Turn The World Upside Down
J. Brahms               We Praise His Holy Name
W. Brecht                Now I Wait For Heaven's Call
Eric Bridge              Why I Love My Lord
Grant B. Caldwell   A Morning Prayer  As The Sound Of Many Waters
     I Stand Before The Cross    Love And Honor     My Friend Jesus 
     One Thing I Know      Strength In Weakness     The Lord Is At Hand
     Wait On The Lord      We Walk Each Day       What I Want
Frederic Chopin      High Above The Seraphim
LaNette Coburn       Your Life Is But A Vapor
James Coburn          I Have A Hope
A. J. Cooper           Better Things
Linda Cosgrove        Not My Will, But Thine
C. E. Couchman      Christ Lives In Me     Exalted
     For God So Loved The World        He Walked 
     How Long Till The Morning?     How Shall I Praise Your Name?   
     Immanuel, God With Us        Jesus Is King Of My Life  
     Let Me Live That I May Praise You     Lift Up The Light 
     O Come, Let Us Sing For Joy    O Lord, Thou Art My God
     Opening Prayer      Rain Down, O Heavens    Reborn Of Spirit  
     The Lord Is My Light     Thy Word Is A Treasure
Kathy Crawford       I Will Rejoice
Laurence Cutts        Tear Down The Idols     That You May Know
Suzanne Durbin   Hallelujah! For The Judgment Day  
     Our God, Creator Of All
J. B. Dykes               The King Of Love My Shepherd Is
George J. Elvey        Crown Him With Many Crowns
B. Emmons               My God; 'Tis He
Alexander C. Ewing     Jerusalem, The Golden
Johnny Felker              I Cannot Cross The River Alone
Gayle D. Garrison     A Faith To Call Their Own     God Gives Me Love 
     Jesus Is Lord   Let It Be Me   Living Water, Bread Of Life   On My Way
Henry J. Gauntlett      Brief Life Is Here Our Portion
Gesangbuch             I Sing The Mighty Power Of God
     Praise To The Lord, The Almighty
Pat Graves               A Morning Prayer
Henry W. Greatorex    O Christ, Our Hope
G. Green                 Our Prayer
Forrest Hall       A Thorn In The Flesh   He Was Here   Swift To Hear
G. F. Handel          Blest Be The Everlasting God   Father Of Mercy
Matt Harber              My Jesus, I Love Thee
Huey P. Hartsell    Depart From Me   The Last Enemy Is Conquered
B. Harwood              Bless Thou The Gifts
Melva Herren            Walking Along With Jesus
K. R. Hersey            Glory Yet Untold     Our Fellowship
Roger Hillis               Remember Who You Are
Robert Jackson        Jesus, Our Lord And King
Luclair Kilgore     Hosanna In The Highest    O Rest In The Lord
William J. Kirkpatrick     On The Cross Of Calvary
E. Kremser               We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer
Steven Ladd            Faith In God
O. E. (Sam) Landrum Child Of A King Cleft Of Gladness, Mighty Fortress 
     Commission Almighty     Gleams The Harvest   He Keeps Me Singing  
     He Restoreth My Soul   He's Coming, I Know    I Believe   I'll Know Thee 
     Keep Us, O Lord  Look Down, O God Mine Is His Love My God; 'Tis He 
     My Lord, I Know You Care     My Name Is There    O Magnify My Master 
     O Soul Redeemed  The Truth And The Light   Where Life's Waters Flow
Dwayne Lee                Christian Virtues
Charles Lockhart       Arise And Bless The Lord
Mae Love                  Enter In     My Destination Is Heaven
Gene Mabry     Gracious Father, Heal My Soul    My Spirit Rejoices In Jesus
Frances O. Martin       Home Above The Blue    Well Done, My Child
Forrest C. May   I Can Do All Things Thru Christ 
     I Want Heaven For My Home
Gerald L. McBride       What Is Love?
Mike McMurray   Let Your Light Shine  My Home Over There  
     Praise The Lord
Felix Mendelsohn         O Rest In The Lord
Brad Merrick              Come And Walk With Him
Richard L. Morrison   A New Song   A World Beyond Compare  
    All Things Praise Thee    Almighty Father, Hear My Plea  
    Are You Weighed Down?   Arise And Bless The Lord 
    Be A Blessing      Be Thou My Vision     Bless Thou The Gifts  
    Brief Life Is Here Our Portion      Children Of The Heavenly Father 
    Come, My Soul, Your Plea Prepare  Creation's Praise  
    Crown Him With Many Crowns  Everlasting God  Father, Help Me Pray
    For Christ And The Church    Gracious Father, Heal My Soul    
    God Has Made Another Day     He Knew It All   How Great A Love  
     I Cannot Fully Know     I Sing The Mighty Power Of God 
    Jerusalem, The Golden     Jesus, OUr Lord And King     Let Me, O God 
     Let Us Arise And Build Jerusalem    Lord God Of Life  
     Lord, Help Me See Your Blessings   Lord, Thank You For Forgiveness
     My Savior First Of All    My Spirit Rejoices In Jesus                              
     Not My Will, But Thine     O Lord, We Heed Thy Love's Request    
     On The Cross Of Calvary   Only In Humility    Praise!   
     Praise The Lord In Every Way   Praise To The Lord, The Almighty  
     Praise Ye The Lord   Rejoice In The Lord Always   Resurrection 
     Seek First The Kingdom   Servant's Song     The City Of Refuge
     The Fullness Of Your Love   The King Of Love My Shepherd Is    
     Thou Art Near   Time, Fleeting Time     Will You Live For Jesus?
Netherland Air           We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer
Charles R. Page          Blessed Calvary
Kenneth Phillips          I Know
Psalter                        The Army Of Our Lord
Brian Rainwater         Nothing Is Impossible With God
Freeman Riggins        I Cannot Cross The River Alone
C. A. Roberts            Coronation      Father, Help Us Raise Our Children
     High Above The Seraphim  God Of Prayer  Let The Whole Creation Cry 
     Loved Ones    Rejoice And Sing That God Is Great!   Savior And Friend
John Roberts             Let The Whole Creation Cry
Lynn Robinson            Now I Wait For Heaven's Call
Glenda B. Schales      All Hail, Eternal Light     Almighty In Wonder
    Be Still  Be Strong And Courageous  Come, King Of Kings  Come Unto Me
    Father, Forgive   For You Have Promised   Grace Be With You All 
    He Will Intercede     Healing In Its Wings   His Loving Hand    
    I Keep My Heart   I Will Wake The Dawn With Praises  In Your Holy Sight
    Into Thy Hands Like Waves Of The Sea Love Fulfilled With Mighty Power
    Magnify, O Magnify!  My Father's Voice  My God And I Against The World
    O God, Be Glorified In Me   O God Of Earth And Firmament   
    One Heart, One Voice   One In Him     One Man Slept; One Man Wept    
    Reborn In Me     Rise And Shine    Softly, So Softly     The Cost  
    The Israel Of God The Kingdon, Lord, Is Yours The Mercy Of Our God    
    The Rock Of My Heart     The Way Of Holiness    The Word In Me    
    They Watched Him There   We Are One   We Bow Down In Reverence
    When I Call My God    Who Is A God Like You?    You Are My Strength
Franz Schubert         Holy Is The Lord
Dane K. Shepard       Blest Be The Everlasting God     Christ Is Risen
     Come And Walk With Him   Enter In     Heavenly Father     
     Hosanna In The Highest      I Lay My Sins On Jesus     I Will Rejoice
     My Destination Is Heaven     My Times Are In Thy Hand    
     O God Of God! O Light Of Light! O Rest In The Lord  Spirit And Clay
A. J. Showalter          Be A Blessing
Anne F. Stevens     Father, Love Me  Give Me A Kind, Forgiving Heart
     If Love Is All I Have  Lift Up Your Voice     Look Up With Me! 
     May My Life Be Like A Prayer   No One But Thee  Proclaim His Death
     The Apples In A Seed     There Is Room     Too Many To Number
     What Darkness This?     What Direction Are You Headed? 
     When I Get To Heaven
Joe Stevens        God's Love And Power
Pauline Stevens      My Life
Roy J. Stevens, Sr.      Come To Me, Said Jesus
R. J. Stevens          A Faith To Call Their Own      A River Of Crimson
    Be Not Afraid       Be Reconciled To God     Beautiful Attitudes
    Beyond The Clouds  Blessed Calvary  Broken For Many  Child Of A King
    Christ Is Our Lord     Christian Virtues 
    Come, My Soul, Your Plea Prepare   Come, You Blessed     
    Commission Almighty      Depart From Me     Faith In God
    Father, Help Us Remember  Favor In His Eyes  Give Ear To My Appeals
    Give Thanks To God         Gleams The Harvest     God Gives Me Love
    God's Armor Will Not Fail     God's Love And Power 
    God's Providence     Gracious Father, Heal My Soul 
    Hallelujah! For The Judgment Day     Hades' Gates Will Not Prevail 
    He Keeps Me Singing     He Restoreth My Soul     He Was Here   
    He'll Go With Me   He's Coming, I Know     Home Above The Blue    
    Home At Last   Hosanna In The Highest   I Believe   I Call Him My Jesus
    I Can Do All Things Thru Christ      I Cannot Cross The River Alone    
    I Have A Hope  I Know     I Stand Before The Cross      
    I Want Heaven For My Home     I'll Know Thee    I'm Forgiven    
    In The Presence Of God       In True Communion     Jesus Is Lord 
    Keep Us, O Lord      Living Water, Bread Of Life      Look Down, O God 
    Lord, Increase My Faith     Lord, Will You Know Me?     Love And Honor 
    Mighty Is The Mortal Tongue     Mine Is His Love     My Friend Jesus 
    My God; 'Tis He    My Heavenly Mansion     My Keeper     My Life 
    My Life Is New  My Lord, I Know You Care  
    My Lord, My Friend, My Savior    My Name Is There
    My Savior Won My Victory    
    My Song Is The Law Of The Lord  My Spirit Rejoices In Jesus    
    O Come, Lord Jesus   O Father, Let Us See His Death    
    O Father, Lord Of Harvest  O Lamb Of God  O Magnify My Master        
    O Sing Unto God     O Soul Redeemed     On My Way   
    One Thing I Know     Our Awesome God      Our Fellowship      
    Our God, Creator Of All  Our Prayer  Praise The Lord For His Goddness
    Remember Who You Are    Risen With Christ     Sing Hallelujah!    
    Sing To The Lord   Stay With Us, O Risen Jesus  Supper With The King
    Tear Down The Idols   That You May Know   
    The Greater Light, The Lesser Light    The Last Enemy Is Conquered    
    The Lord Is At Hand    The Mind Of Christ
    The Truth And The Light     The Wonders Of God  
    This God Of Our Salvation       Walking Along With Jesus  
    Wait On The Lord   We Praise His Holy Name 
    We Shall Stand Before The Throne   We Walk Each Day  
    Well Done, My Child      We're Going Home     What Is Love?    
    What Shall I Render To My Lord? 
    Where Life's Waters Flow     While This Day Is Mine    
    With Christ We Are Strong  Worthy The Lamb    Your Life Is But A Vapor
Tim P. Stevens      Hades' Gates Will Not Prevail     I Have A Hope  
     My Life Is New      O Come, Lord Jesus
Vicki Mullins Stevens    While This Day Is Mine
Michael Stringer       At Night I View The Heavens     Hail The King
John R. Sweney         My Savior First Of All
Austin Taylor     For Christ And The Church  
    O Lord, We Heed Thy Love's Request
Traditional    Be Thou My Vision    Children Of The Heavenly Father   
    Heavenly Father    I Lay My Sins On Jesus      Psalm 19     Rise And Shine
    Servant's Song
Cliff Vengley            A River Of Crimson
John Francis Wade      O Come, Let Us Adore Him
Wayne S. Walker    All Things Praise Thee   Be With Us, God  
    Praise Ye The Lord
Robert Williams        Let The Whole Creation Cry
R. V. Williams           Bless Thou The Gifts
Charles Willis             Hold My Hand
David Wiseman         We Praise His Holy Name