Gospel Music School of Texas, Inc.
Wednesday, July 24, 2024

We have created a new offering, titled InVision Hymns, and are now able to assist congregations in putting together their own Song supplement or preparing songs for viewing via LCD overhead projectors.  We can help you format the songs to make them look consistent and professional.

For the congregational user:


It is our intent to provide assistance to congregations that desire to create or "pull-together" their own song supplement or song book, and provide access to songs arranged and formatted to fit their needs.


The initial intent is to start with 50 songs from "Sing To The Lord", and then branch out to other sources of songs, including songs that others may request - either for arranging (if necessary), typesetting, producing print ready copies, formatted for paper (any size - 5.5x8.5, 6 x 9, 8.5 x 11) or formatted for Powerpoint projection, and of course, contacting the copyright owner for permission to use the song.  We cannot use songs where we cannot determine who is the owner or get permission from the copyright holder to use the songs, since that would violate the copyright laws.  


The costs for these services are:  $25 per volume (25 songs) plus $5 per volume for materials and postage.


Volume 1 and 2 are now ready.   Click for details or to order.


For the song writer & copyright owner:


Our intent is to get permission from each song copyright owner before using the song.  The agreement will specify that we can use the song, reformat as necessary to meet requesers needs, but not change the "content" of the song (the notes, the lyrics, other special markings).  It will also specify who is to receive the royalties for end use of the song by a congregational user.  Click for agreement form.


Our intent is to pay royalties to the copyright owners of the songs that are requested.  The royalty will be based on copies requested by congregations (end-users), not on the request to include the song in this process.  The royalty may be paid to the copyright owner or to the Singing School Scholarship Fund.  


Royalty calculation:  We will keep track of all requesters by song, and will pay royalties annually (calendar year) on the number of copies requested of each song.  Royalty will be paid as specified in the agreement and will be calculated as follows:    TBD.


To order or for more information:                        Look at this sample (includes only one verse)


If you are interested in these services, please contact Rich or Dane through email and/or fill out this form, and fax it to 972-985-8653.